Here at Sand Creek Kennels, my Husband and I are located in the North Central part of Nebraska. We live on a Ranch, and have a beautiful creek that flows through our place. Our dogs are part of the family. We interact with them on a daily basis; Therefore, they are well socialized. They have lots of room to run and play on our 640 acre ranch. Because we play with our puppies from the time they are born, we can help guide you toward the perfect match for your family. Whether you are looking for one more outgoing playful, or one more calm and laid back. We know their personalities, and will be glad to help you choose the perfect puppy for your family! We have been breeding for the past 10 years, and love improving the breeds. We specialize in pure breeds. Bernese Mountain Dog. Siberian Huskies. We also breed the Great Bernese, which is the cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees. We love their laid back teddy bear like personalities. We recently added a Moyen poodle male to our family, we fell in love with the breed and the hypoallergenic benefits they offer. So we started raising Aussiedoodles. We bred him to our Standard Australian Shepherd girl. That is a great all around ranch dog. The Aussiedoodles are also great family dogs they are super loyal and smart, and very playful. Siberian Huskies are also great family dogs for the right active family, because they require lots of exercise. They are super smart and loyal to their family as well.