We can ship within the United States for an additional $450 per puppy, that includes the cost of the kennel they will fly in, plane ticket, vet cost for paper work to fly and my fuel to the airport.

We use American, United and Delta Airlines. Depending on which airline I can get the best flight times for the puppy. I ship them in there own kennel, with lot’s of shredded paper. They will also have food and water. You will get to keep the kennel. All flights are the same day. I drop the puppy off in the morning, and you will pick your puppy up in the afternoon or evening.

I will book the flight for you, and once I get the confirmation I will email you all the flight details. I will also get you the airlines phone number to call and get directions where to pick up your puppy. You usually go to the cargo ticket counter. You will also need to show a photo ID at the time of pick up.

There is a special place on the plane, where puppies go that have a live cargo area. It is all temperature controlled. Although the airlines will not ship above 85’degrees, or below 10’degrees. I can’t ship directly into Canada, but I can ship within the States close to the border. I will provide all the paperwork you will need to go back across the border.

We also like to meet in person if you are within traveling distance. We just charge an additional fee for our fuel. But we will meet for free in our local town.